What is the difference between slides and slippers?

Slides and slippers are both types of casual footwear designed for convenience, comfort and ease. They cater to different needs and environments, which are distinguished by their unique design elements, materials, and functionality. 


Slides are a backless shoe, which are named after their ability to be easily “slid” on and off, and usually consist of a single thick band that stretches over the top of the foot. Some pairs even have a second, smaller strap closer to the toes, or adjustable fastenings to provide a more customised fit. They are most often constructed from water-resistant materials such as rubber, foam, or synthetic fabrics, making them a great choice for wet or damp settings such as pools, showers, or the gym. In terms of feet support and health, some brands offer contoured footbeds. But in general, sliders offer less arch and ankle support than other types of footwear.

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Slippers, on the other hand, offer a variety of different styles. They range from bootie designs that cover the entire foot and ankle, to simpler open-toe variations. Unlike slides, slippers prioritise warmth and comfort, because they are constructed from soft and cosy materials like fleece, wool, or faux fur. However, because of these soft materials, slippers are generally not suitable for wet environments and are best kept only for indoor use. In terms of foot coverage, they usually envelop a lot more of the foot than slides, providing additional warmth. While they may not offer significant arch or ankle support, (namely due to the more flexible material), the primary aim of slippers is to keep feet comfortable and warm, especially in colder weather or on chilly floors. Slippers also tend to be a lot safer due to the non-slip technology on the rubber sole.

Styling Slippers and Slides

When it comes to style, slides offer more versatility, often doubling as both athletic and fashionable footwear. Sliders have more uses than slippers, and are worn inside and outside the home. They are also great for beachwear, and can be worn in the summer as a more breezy alternative to slippers. Numerous brands produce slides that can be worn as a style statement, while slippers are more focused on indoor comfort, and although fashionable versions exist, they are generally not intended to make a fashion statement. Even though it is not recommended to wear slippers outside the home, many people choose to wear them as a cosy accompaniment to their loungewear for running errands or to simply feel home comforts away from the home.

So, whether you’re heading to the beach, the gym, or just planning to relax at home, your choice between slides and slippers will likely depend on your specific needs, the weather, or the activity. Be it the need for water resistance and versatility or the desire for warmth and cosiness, the choice is simple.

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