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  • Sale! Whale Slippers Product imagehand holding blue whale slippers

    Whale Slippers


    🐳💙 Dive into cosy comfort with our Whale Slippers! 💙🐳

    These super plush slippers, designed with a charming whale aesthetic, are perfect for a relaxing day at home or a fun vacation by the sea. Unisex and easy to clean, they make for an excellent gift that’s sure to create a splash. So why wait? Swim them into your cart today and ride the wave of comfort! 🌊👣

  • Sale! frog slippersfrog slippers on chair in living room

    Frog Slippers


    🐸💚 Leap into the world of cozy with our Frog Slippers! 💚🐸

    These ultra-plush, comfy slippers come with a playful frog design that adds a ribbiting charm to your loungewear. Ideal for all ages and genders, they’re easy to clean and perfect for hopping around the house or chilling by the fire. They make a toad-ally awesome gift too! Ready to experience frog-tastic comfort? Hop them into your cart today! 🦶💦

  • Sale! Giraffe Slippers product imagegiraffe slippers on chair

    Giraffe Slippers


    🦒💛 Embrace the wild side of comfort with our Giraffe Slippers!💛

    These slippers, crafted from soft plush fabric, offer a savannah of warmth and an unparalleled level of cosiness. With a charming giraffe design, unisex sizing, and easy maintenance, they’re all about adventure, style, and a whole lot of fun. Perfect for gifting or keeping all to yourself! Ready to giraffe up your loungewear game? Add to cart today and embark on your cosy home safari. 🌿🦶

  • Sale! Penguin Slippers in purple and white with yellow beak main imagepurple penguin slippers on chair

    Penguin Slippers


    🐧💖 Slide into ultimate warmth and comfort with our adorable Penguin Slippers!

    Not only are they toasty and comfy, but their eye-catching penguin design guarantees a daily dose of cuteness. 👣🔥 Made from premium plush fabric, they’re perfect for any age, any gender, and any time you want your feet to feel like they’re getting a cosy hug. Plus, they make a fantastic gift!🎁💫 Get your pair today and let your feet enjoy the Antarctic chill in comfort! 🐧💕

  • Sale! brown alpaca slippersPink Alpaca Slippers

    Alpaca Slippers


    🦙🌟 Welcome to our delightful world of adorable alpaca slippers! 🦙🌟

    These fuzzy and endearing alpaca slippers are not just ordinary footwear; they are a cosy hug for your toes and a stylish statement for your wardrobe. Join the enchanting world of alpaca slippers, where comfort meets charm in every step. 🛒💫

    Now available in the colours Brown, Pink & Rainbow!

    Fits UK 3-6 / EU 35-39

  • Sale! Panda Slippers imagepanda slippers on feet

    Panda Slippers


    🐼🖤 Unleash your inner panda with our snuggly Panda Slippers!🖤🐼

    Crafted from soft plush fabric for warmth and comfort, they’re more than just footwear – they’re a lifestyle. With an adorable panda design, unisex sizing, and easy maintenance, these slippers are all about style, comfort, and a whole lot of fun. Perfect for gifting or treating yourself! Ready for pandamonium? Add to your shopping basket today and step into a world of cosy! 🐾🍃